DVBPRO Your Broadcasting and Telecom Development Partner


Efficiency, Broadcasting and Telecom Services

DVB Pro is a company specializing in Efficiency in LED, Power Generation , Cooling, Telecom Consulting, License Acquisition, Cost Reduction, Cost Management, Supply Chain Management, Telecom Audits, Recovery Of Overpayments in power and other utilities, Contracts, and Equipment.

At DVBPro, our telecommunications specialists offer a full range of affordable solutions designed to meet the needs of your growing business.  Whether your interested in improving your residential or business telecom needs, DVB Pro brings you the best products and services that connect you to the world today.

Services we provide:

  • Business Plan development (Used for financing or License Acquisition)
  • Phone bill audit ( includes local and long distance invoices )
  • Telecom contract negotiations - ( includes new and current telecom contracts )
  • Creation of Business Plans - ( includes all communication invoices)
  • Assistance in creation of Telecom License Petitions - ( call for details and pricing )
  • Full service monthly maintenance programs - ( call for details and pricing )
  • Project Development and Integration - ( call for details and pricing )
  • Organize and Deploy Supply Chain Management Organization for cost effective sourcing - (call for details and pricing)
  • Training in various areas of telecommunication at the technical level - ( call for details and pricing )
  • Training in variouse areas of telecommunications at the management and marketing level - ( call for details and pricing )
  • Cost reduction programs - ( call for details and pricing )
  • Telecom Contract Optimization - ( call for details and pricing )
  • Invoice Management - ( call for details and pricing )
  • Wireless Management - ( call for details and pricing )
  • Website Design & Search Engine Optimization - ( call for details and pricing )
  • T1 data lines - ( call for details and pricing )
  • DVB T/T2 - (Integration)
  • IPTV - (Integration)
  • VoIP - (Integration)
  • Product distribution
  • Product install
  • Computer Systems Integration
  • Light Plan
  • Fiancial justification on investment in Efficiency
  • Alternative Energy Solutions
  • Much More

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